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Hello Parents,
Do you ever get decision fatigue? You know.. where you spend hours scrolling through the Internet looking for ideas to develop the curious mini-minds in your house? 

Do you ever find yourself spending way too much time looking for the answers to the steady stream of questions from your kiddos or what to teach them next?

I’ve been there and I want better for you.

The pandemic and a maternity leave left me with a lot of time on my hands to involve myself in teaching my three-year-old daughter back in 2020. Like most parents, I too was twiddling my thumbs wondering what to teach my child.

Being a strong believer in play learning for kids, I came up with ways to make lessons fun and help my little girl navigate early learning obstacles. This involved doing different activities at home to introduce her to various concepts like how rain happens, the difference between soluble and insoluble substances and many more. The fact that there was an opportunity for her to play with me made her extremely happy, and I was pleased since it was helping her enjoy a new world of learning.

I took the initiative to start MummaWorld in November 2020 when friends and family on WhatsApp and Facebook encouraged me to share what I was doing at home with my daughter. It is no secret that parents not only want to spend quality time with their children but actively look for ways to make it a learning experience as well. However, they are also worried about whether they are going about it the correct way. The next step was quite momentous as we decided to rebrand MummaWorld to Learning Dino.

Today, Learning Dino is at a stage where parents from over 170 countries reach out to us regularly through our Facebook page, WhatsApp and mail.

“I started Learning Dino with the intention of making it a go-to website for parents looking for easy and fun activity-based lessons and concepts. Your children will love it so much that they’ll forget they’re learning.”

Our Journey

We started from scratch and what we achieved is something that is not possible without efforts and support from so many amazing people. Our team, our mentors, brands who trusted us with their products, users who trusted us and bought our products.

Facebook Page Jun'20

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Mummaworld Site Nov'20

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Pre Seed Funding Oct'21

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About Us

Learning Dino offers parents a bagful of resources to make learning fun and engaging for their kids. With thousands of games, activities and toys at your fingertips, choose the best for your children.
Our Values
Our Vision
Our Purpose

We aim to be a spark of inspiration for parents who are looking for ways to involve themselves in fulfilling the learning needs of their children.

  1. We believe each child has extraordinary skills and talents just waiting to be realized.
  2. We analyse and use insights from studies on formative experiences of children
  3. As a team, we listen, adapt, and celebrate creativity while recognizing what makes children unique.
To provide parents with various resources that assist with learning in a way that will be fun and engaging for their children and a source of making memories for a lifetime.

Parents are either dependent on the school for their child’s studies or use gadgets to teach their children. However, Learning Dino wants to provide natural learning opportunities

  1. Ensuring that kids learn from various forms of play
  2. Developing a child’s curiosity towards learning and imaginative play.
  3. Making parents’ lives a little easier and children’s early learning a lot more fun and productive.

Why Choose Us

Learning Dino provides a balanced solution for kids between the ages of two years and eight years. Over 97 percent of our users recommend our website to other parents. It can be attributed to the fact that all of our learning materials are developed by focussing on a child’s needs and making the learning process fun. Among our resources are activities, worksheets, stories, flashcards, and educational toys and activity kits.

  1. Through our website’s concept-based educational resources parents can find numerous resources and ways to explain any one concept. Learning Dino’s activities pair with the appropriate age level allowing parents to teach their children from home-based materials and also provides worksheets so that parents can reinforce the concept. We also fulfil other requests from parents, such as educational kits, games and books to keep children occupied during the week.
  2. Our site prides itself in providing relevant content. The team at Learning Dino focuses on the quality of these resources and not just quantity. Each resource passes through a five-step quality check process before going live on the platform.
  3. Learning Dino is a community-enabled platform. We collect the feedback of the parents and skill sets and topics they are struggling with their kids. The team at Learning Dino brings these ideas to life as quickly and efficiently as possible. Keeping things simple is our goal. We work together with parents and overcome learning obstacles.

What We Offer

Prepare to discover a world of stress-free learning for your children with Learning Dino’s key products:


Unleash your child’s imagination with experiential learning. We provide simple experiments which you can do at home with your child.


Worksheets make learning fun and interactive. We create colourful, attractive sheets which explains concepts efficiently. They are designed according to age, learning levels and your child’s interests.

Stories and Flashcards

Encourage your child’s curiosity with our wide range of fun, interactive books and flashcards. We also design in-house bedtime stories which reinforce the different concepts which we learn or follow daily.


The educational toys are strictly handpicked to ensure that they cater to specific skills like numbering, phonics concepts, and eye-hand coordination, among others.


A pillar of support for parents who are looking for new and engaging methods of teaching and guiding the formative years of their children.

Our Team

Priya Sharma


Tanvi Segal



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